How to Hang Vinyl Records

The joy of buying a new vinyl record is not just the music; it can be some of the brilliant artwork on offer. When placing or vinyl in a storage box or on a shelf, we only get to see the incredible artwork when we plat the record.

Creating a vinyl record wall is one brilliant way of displaying the artwork. However, it makes my blood run cold, seeing people using double-sided sticky tape to hand vinyl records; if you are like me and don’t want to damage your vinyl sleeve, we need a better way on how to hang vinyl records.

I have come across many different ways, some good and some bad I have found five excellent ways to hang vinyl records that will don’t damage the sleeve.

We will go over five different options on how to hang vinyl records, and it could be argued that the cheapest way is the best, but I will let you decide that.

Cheapest Way to Hang Vinyl Records

I really like this method it’s cheap and looks cool and wont damage your wall if you get the correct hangers.

Lots of people within the vinyl scene will say this is the best method and it’s very difficult to disagree. It may not be for you but you needn’t worry I have more ways to make that vinyl wall.

You only need the wall hangers and a spirit level to follow this method. But there is no point reinventing the wheel when a video can show how easy you can achieve a vinyl wall.

I have found Command Wire Hooks from Amazon to be the best and these for the tops from Amazon.

No Access Way to Hang Vinyl Records

The picture frame way I assume will only be used if you no longer listen to the album as you will be putting them in a picture frame and access will be difficult.

If you store your vinyl outside the cover to keep them safe then this way may be perfect for you. Also, what better way of keeping your sleeves safe? Putting them in a picture frame away from fingers and dust is going to do the trick.

These are the best Record Album Picture Frames from Amazon that I have found.

Shelf You Vinyl Records

A shelf is not always an option as they can be too big for the area you want to make a vinyl record wall. A bumped head is not how you want to start of listening to your records.

However, with these little nifty little shelves space is not a problem. With them being so close you the wall there is no real chance of bumping it to them.

I really like these shelves but as you will need to drill the wall they are more of a permanent option. Also, its worth saying if you are not too good with DIY drilling your wall may not be right for you.

You can get these in a multi-choice of colors to match the album or just bring a little more glamor to your wall. There are many different choices but I found these vinyl frames from Amazon to be just right.

Vinyl Record Wall with Ease

Record Roots started as a kickstarter and had 320 backers who pledged £23,951. They are going from strength to strength with this brilliant vinyl wall invention. I suspect the people who supported the kickstarter seen just how good this invention was for us vinyl lovers.

These are cool and I staggered upon them by a happy accident. No drilling or complicated fixing. You can get them in different sizes from their website Record-Roots.

If I had to pick out one negative then it would have to be that they are a little on the expensive side.

Cool but Expensive Way to Hang Your Vinyl Records

No drilling or working out measurements a simple method that involves magnets.

Place the magnet inside the sleeve stick the other magnet to the wall and you are done.

These look so cool but I really don’t like the price tag that they come with. However, with that said I believe that they look the best.

If you want to gives these a try check the Invisible Vinyl hangers on Amazon.

Rapping Up

Ok, so I have given you many different ways to create your very own vinyl wall display. With the many other options, you should be able to find one that suits your needs and budget.

Gone are the days when we had to destroy our vinyl covers to display them. I hope that I have shown you the perfect method for your next vinyl wall.