How To Fix A Warped Record

The feeling when you discover one of your prized pieces of vinyl is warped is not nice. Short of rushing out and buying a replacement copy, there are no quick fixes on putting it back to its original state. Buying isn’t always an option as some old vinyl are rare, and it’s not as simple as just ordering them online.

You may have seen people using a clamp on the record player to keep the vinyl flat. However, this is not fixing the problem of a warped record. It’s a temporary fix while you play it. There are many ways to fix a warped record, but bending it back the other way with your hands shouldn’t be on the list. I am going to cover some different options that you have on how to fix a warped record and put it into a playable condition.

Fixing a Warped Record with Pressure and Heat

  1. Get two panes of glass that will fit in your oven
  2. Clean the record making sure you leave no dust on the record
  3. Put the warped record between the two panes
  4. Turn your oven onto its lowest setting
  5. Place the glass with the vinyl in the middle into the oven
  6. Leave glass and vinyl in the oven for 20 minutes
  7. Switch of your oven
  8. Take the glass and vinyl out of the over (DO NOT PART THE GLASS)
  9. Allow the glass to come to room temperature before separating
  10. Once separated, the glass inspects the vinyl to see if you have fixed the problem.

This method is not for the faint hearted and I have heard horror stories of people completely melting there vinyl. No one wants that so you want your oven to be as low as possible no higher than 140°F. If your oven can’t go lower than this then move on to one of our different methods.

This method has got a bad reputation with some in the vinyl scene. Rightly, so in some cases as people make it out that it’s an easy method of fixing your warped vinyl and it’s by no means easy. However done correctly it can have your vinyl back into tip top shape. Just follow the process with caution and have your oven to low rather than to hot.

Fixing a Warped Record with Pressure and Time

  1. Get a large ridged and flat board
  2. Get some heavy-duty books larger than the vinyl
  3. Clean the vinyl
  4. Place the vinyl in a dust cover to prevent dust build-up
  5. Place the vinyl on the flat board
  6. Place the heavy-duty books on top of the vinyl, making sure it’s completely covered.
  7. Leave to sit for around seven days before checking the results

This method work quiet well but the 7 days has people taking a peep earlier to check the progress. It’s not advisable and the longer you leave it the more likely it is that you will get that bend out of your record.

If after the 7 days you still have a warped record place it back under the books and give it a little more time. This is a slow method but works if it’s not for you this could be that your books are to light.

Get a Machine to Fixing a Warped Record

You may possible of heard that you can get a machine that fixes warped records, it’s true. However, this is a method I am not going to indorse as these machines are eye poppingly expensive.

You would have to drop a few thousand dollars on machine that can fix a warped vinyl and this for me could never be justified for a home user.

However, if you have a local independent record shop in your town give them a call see if they have one. You could possibly be pleasantly surprised and in nearly all cases they will be happy to help you out for a small fee.

The Quick and Easy Solution for Warped Records

Right, you don’t want to be faffing about with cooking your vinyl or waiting a week for the books to do their thing.

There is a simple solution but before we jump into that it’s worth mentioning that this is only for vinyl that is only slightly warped.

A record clamp is not really a fix it’s more of a simple solution to a problem. You place your record onto the platter like normal. In normal circumstance you will be dropping the needle but not with a warped vinyl. You then place a record clamp onto the centre spindle and tighten it down. This flattens out any minor imperfections that you have with your vinyl.

Some people feel all vinyl have some warping even when they are brand new and use a record clamp on all their vinyl. This solution is relatively cheap and well worth trying if your vinyl is not to badly warped.


The best solution for warped vinyl is prevention. Prevent your vinyl becoming warped in the first place.

To do this, you want to store your vinyl correctly. Don’t pile all your vinyl on top of each other and don’t lean too many altogether that last one taking all the weight will become warped. We have a complete guide on how to store vinyl records if you need more help on this. Also, learning how to store your records correctly will keep them in excellent condition for years to come.

Don’t keep your vinyl in direct sun or in an environment that gets too hot. This can lead to warping. Again if you want more information on how do records get warped, we have a complete guide on this. This will tell you more about the direct sun and the temperature when your vinyl will start to warp.

Wrapping Up

We have given a few different methods how to fix a warped record and we hope they help you with your problem.

Remember the Pressure and Heat is an excellent method done correctly. But a slightly warped record is better than a melted record so process with caution.

Pressure and Time method is not for the impatient amongst us but a method that work and work well. Keep in mind you want some heavy duty book to really weight down that vinyl.

The quick and easy solution using a record clamp is perfect for people not overly bothered about warped records. This is an easy solution and works pretty well for vinyl that is not to badly warped.

All the options have their place and I hope you can find the perfect fit for you and your warped record.