Connect Turntable to Sonos The Easy Way

It is entirely possible to connect your turntable to your Sonos system and listen to those enriched vinyl sounds in the same modern way as you do your digital music. While it requires some explanation, it isn’t truly difficult. We have all the answers for you on how to accomplish this right here for the taking.

Whether you’re a casual listener or a serious collector, learning how to connect your turntable to Sonos comes with some amazing advantages. Mainly, you can listen to your vinyl in every room of your home. Furthermore, the Sonos system is also compatible with traditional wired speakers.

First, you should have a bit of background if you’re one of those that has no real idea what Sonos is all about.

What Is Sonos?

Sonos is a manufacturer that makes wireless speakers for all existing sound system setups.

What is a wireless connected speaker?

These speakers are fantastic for any home setup, and they don’t require any wires. You just plug them into a power outlet and off you go. The way the system works is best described as saying it creates a type of custom Wi-Fi network in the home.

This type of setup allows you to stream your favorite music, using music services like Pandora, Amazon, Google, and Apple music.

If you invest in a Sonos Playbar, you can even add more sound texture to your home setup. You’re able to add more speakers to your sound system at any time and control the volume and EQ using your tablet or Smartphone.

The system can be placed in any room and can have up to thirty-two components. It can also be hooked up to existing sound systems and traditional speakers.

The system can even play a different song in each room. You also have the ability to play the same song in set areas of your home. The system is amazingly versatile.

Connect Record Player to Sonos

Some people love playing vinyl for the crisp, warm sound and enjoy the type of nostalgia that comes from hearing their favorite old time record playing in the background.

Other casual listeners enjoy just placing a record on a turntable, lowering the tonearm and switching to their favorite song.

Digital and Analog

While it’s true that streaming music still dominates the music industry, the interest in vinyl records is steadily growing. With Sonos, you can enjoy both.

Not only can it work with an array of more than 80 various types of digital music services, your Sonos home sound system can plug directly into your record player, filling your home with the sounds of your favorite tunes.

If you’re a collector of vinyl and a music lover, this type of system is ideal for you. However, it’s not exactly simple to mesh your digital smart home with your analog components.

As you may know, a traditional setup is made up of a number of different components and heaps of wires, which can lead to a cluttered, unkempt appearance. This may make you wonder if it’s really possible to use a turntable with a Sonos system.

Fortunately, it is.

Most record players need several components in order to work and you need the turntable, a pair of speakers, an amp (usually a receiver), and a preamp. Of course, many models come equipped with a built-in preamp, but most listeners prefer an external preamp.

Wired Sonos Setup ForTurntable

The setup detailed here is the simplest and best option for the casual listener.

Connect Turntable to Turntable Preamp — With this system, all you have to do is take your turntable and connect it to a turntable preamp, unless your model has a built-in preamp.

Connect Preamp to Sonos Play Five — Then connect the preamp (or on the turntable if it has a built-in preamp) to the back of a Sonos Play Five.

Connect RCA Y AUDIO CALE — Use the single end of an RCA Y-audio cable and plug it into the line-in port of the Play 5. Next, attach the cable’s split end to the corresponding colors of the L/R audio outputs found on the back of your preamp or turntable.

You need the Play 5 because at present it is the only speaker in the lineup to offer a line-in hookup. Once it’s working, you can pair the Play Five with any other Sonos speakers.

Choose the Line-in Input Using the Sonos App — You should rename the line-in input in the app, so you can keep things organized. You could label it Turntable.

You’ll probably want to regulate the line-in source level settings, which can be done using the app. Six is a good setting to start off with.

And that’s how you set up the Sonos system to work with your turntable, using the Sonos Play 5. There is no need for a separate amp and speakers.

The big minus to all this is that you can only connect to the Sonos speakers and not to any other speakers or stereo systems.

Sonos Amp or Port Setup

If you want to add your turntable to your existing speakers or stereo system, plus your Sonos system, you’ll need a Sonos Amp or Sonos Port.

Both the Sonos Amp and the Connect Amp come with a built-in amplifier. The other two products do not. If you use one of those, you’ll have to send the output from them to an external amplifier, before sending it to the speakers.

With any of these options, you are still required to send the signal from the turntable to a preamp, before feeding it into the Sonos Amp or Sonos Port. That preamp could be external, or within your record player.

The Sonos Connect can act like a receiver and send the sound signal to all of your Sonos speakers. If you have non-Sonos wired speakers, the Sonos Port and Sonos Amp both have outputs on the back made to connect to wired speakers.

Connecting Sonos Amp to Turntable

Use the audio cable that comes with the amp and plug one end into the back of the turntable and the other end into the correct colors of the L/R audio inputs on the Sonos Amp. Now the speakers can be connected to the Amp.