Who Am I?

Hello, and welcome to my about page. I’m Lee, also known by a handful of people as “The Vinyl Guy.” So the name came from my passion for vinyl records, even when they went out of vogue.

I have always loved the sound of vinyl from the very first moment I dropped the needle onto my first vinyl record. This lead to a love affair and passion for every aspect of the whole record scene.

I’m not a qualified sound engineer; however, I have over 25 years of learning under my belt. No qualifications, but over the 25 years, I have learned a lot and had many different size budgets over the years.

My Site Aim

So why am I building this site and whats my aim of the whole site?

They are the right questions to ask as, over my many years, I have seen some questionable sites with their main aim to abstract affiliate money.

So my main aim of the site is a selfish one, and that’s to direct people to common questions that people ask me. For instance, One question I seem to get all the time. How to clean vinyl records to save me running thought my process each time I can direct them to my blog pots.

So, you could say its a selfish one. However, I like to see it as more I want to help, as I have had these questions over the years myself. The answers were not always as easy to find 25 years ago, and some are still not. So putting it down in a blog post that can help whether you are new or older to the vinyl scene.

Right, So you will have no affiliate links?

Again another good question. I will be writing helpful posts, and within the posts, I will recommend products. I will include affiliate links, but only for products I truly feel are worth the money. Also, this will help me pay to keep the website up and running.

Over my 25 years in the game, I have had many different budgets over the years. I feel that this can allow me to write a perfect guide that can get you the best within your budget. As over my years, I could have had the same at one point.

My Aims for turningvinyl.com

  • Help people with the questions they have.
  • Help people buy the best item within their budget.